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Charity Is Love

My Brothers in Christ,

We have completed one fourth of this Fraternal Year. With that said, we have a lot to do in order to make the Circle of Honor. We must increase our efforts. Church Drives are so very importing in recruiting new members into the Order. I am asking that all councils do a Church drive every three months to help support our recruiting effeorts. Also, Admission Degrees can be accomplished using the DVD that all councils have. District Deputies have this DVD also if your council needs help. This degree can be done any time (a team is not necessary in order to do this). In addition to Church drives, we need to be sure that we are working on Building the Domestic Church Initiative. In order for a council to become a Star Council, the BDC must be done.

District Tours are being conducted by myself and the Membership Director Kevin Boehm. I will be in touch with your District Deputies to schedule one for those Districts we have not been to. These meetings are a great way to help each council in a District see how they measure up to the others and help them increase productiveness in recruiting new members to the Order. Keep up the good work that you have been doing.

As we approach the Advent Season, let us all continue to remember those in need. Help bring joy into their lives through your prayers and donations of necessities.

Vivat Jesus
Larry Lewandowski
State Deputy