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Charity Is Love

My Brothers in Christ,

What a great year, we the Knights of Columbus in North Dakota have had in recruiting new members into our midst. The Circle of Honor is within our grasp. North Dakota will stand as one of the elite jurisdictions of all the Knights of Columbus. Our membership teams have worked hard and are continuing to do so, to offer to each Catholic gentleman the opportunity to join us and to provide for their families through our insurance programs.

Recruiting new members or bringing back those who have fallen by the wayside is not just about numbers, rather it is about growing our Order that we may continue to help those in need throughout our state, our country and throughout the world, while we continue to walk the path of Jesus.

In order to have councils that are active we must have programs that are meaningful and excite and encourage our members to participate in them. Take part in your Council, State, and Supreme programs. The results of your participation will build your confidence in being a Knight of Columbus and will further our mission to Grow the Domestic Church as Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has asked of all Knights.

Questions are a way of life. Feel free to ask any Officer of the Knights of Columbus in your councils or in the state council if you have questions or need assistance. We will answer!

Let us all work together to strengthen our families, our church and our faith through the use of Charity as our guide. Love thy neighbor as you love thy self.

Vivat Jesus
Larry Lewandowski
State Deputy