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Charity Is Love

My Brothers in Christ,

With one third of our faternal year complete, we are behind in recruitment of new members. I'm asking all of our members, not just the Council Officers, District Deputies, or State Officers to put forth a renewed effort in offering Catholic gentleman the opportunity to join our order. We have 100 Councils and 20 Districts in the jurisdiction. Our goal for the fraternal year is 350 new members, presently we have recruited 90. We really need some help. Please, let's do it!

Distric meetings are in progress, and we have completed 14. We are scheduling the other 6 Districts, and hope to have finished by January 31. Major degrees are being held throughout the jursidiction. Please let the Ceremonial Chairman Glen Wagner know if your District wants to schedule a Major Degree, other than the 28 already on the schedule.

The North Dakota jurisdiction made some very noteworthy achievements in 2017. Council 16402 University of Mary, Bismarck was selected the Most Outstanding College Council for the Order. Council 6310 Belfield was selected as the third runner-up for the International Service Award for Church Activities and the Mike and Kathy Kiedrowski Family, Council 8839 Dickinson, were selected as the First Runner-up for International Family of the Year. Congratulations to all of these Knights and Councils, keep up the good work!

Vivat Jesus
Larry Lewandowski
State Deputy